Discover the future of intelligent packaging at PACK SHOW 2024!

PACK SHOW 2024, which will bring a significant addition of innovation and technology to the packaging industry: Smart Packaging and Smart Labeling. This year, PACK SHOW will include a special section dedicated to the future of smart packaging and smart labels.

What will you discover in this special section?

Smart packaging and smart labeling represent the future of the packaging industry, bringing a series of innovations that radically change the way we interact with our products. You will have the opportunity to see the latest technologies that transform packaging into communication and information management tools.

Smart packaging and smart labeling bring significant advantages both to industry, through efficiency and sustainability, and to consumers, providing them with detailed information, food safety and advanced interaction with products.

Learn about the latest trends and innovations in smart packaging and smart labeling, including the use of IoT, QR code-based solutions and more.

Through concrete case studies and examples of success, you will learn how these technologies have already been successfully implemented in various industries and how they have brought significant benefits.

If you are interested in learning more and experiencing these innovations for the first time, we invite you to join us at PACK SHOW 2024.
Here you will be able to interact with industry experts, discover the latest technologies and make valuable connections.