Exhibitor benefits at PACK SHOW 2024

Participating in PACK SHOW provides you with a unique platform to showcase your technologies, packaging and labels to a wide and diverse audience in the packaging industry.

The event attracts a significant number of buyers, giving you an excellent opportunity to make valuable connections with potential customers and business partners.

By exhibiting innovative and sustainable packaging technologies and solutions, you can contribute to global efforts for environmental protection and recycling.

With over 40 vertical industries present, PACK SHOW provides you with a platform to showcase your solutions and technologies in a diverse environment, addressing the needs and interests of a wide audience.

With over 100 exhibitors from 15 countries, you have the opportunity to interact with international suppliers, opening up new business opportunities globally.

At PACK SHOW, you can make direct sales and close deals with potential customers, strengthening your customer base and generating additional income.

The event offers effective promotional options to stand out and connect with industry professionals.

Participating in the PACK SHOW helps you stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the packaging industry and maintain a leading position in the market.

These reasons invite you to be a part of a prestigious event that can bring you exposure and significant business opportunities in the packaging industry.